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I'm a FRAUD, am I?

Mis à jour : 26 déc. 2019

I feel like a fraud sometimes.

Now, exactly, as work related uncertainties populate my mind…

Or as I remember any important skill I’m talking myself into learning…unsuccessfully!

I’m able to identify the cause as a lack of presence…

I’m being in the past or the future when considering the consequences this situation could have on my job if anyone came across my pretended “fake” identity.

And I remember Eckhart Tolle mentioning he spent literally two complete years of time doing or accomplishing anything else then just being.

Maybe am I in the same phase?

It’s so easy to get caught comparing yourself with the shallow sides of your fellow human beings.

There are so many platforms easing this “hobby”.

You caught yourself identifying with the rushed, dehumanized suite of images that the world seems to be.

It does take energy to slightly back off for a moment and talk the illusion at bay.

And suddenly you feel some miraculous waves of LOVE invading your outer-space.

You then remember that’s what matters above anything.

You let your inner space soak into the waves,

And you breathe yourself back on track.

#iamafraud #Presence #clocktime #psychologicaltime

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