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I'm grateful for...

Mis à jour : 4 mai 2019

My optimism,

My inextricable love for Life,

My complete trust in the Universe to unfold the way I will benefit the most...

Being aware of the intrinsic intelligence in every being around me,

Trusting everything to work out ultimately.

For the light inside that lead me to the way out everytime.

For always finding the most luminous way to figure out the life of mine.

For the many gems that has paved my way throughout my existence.

For being enough...

For accomplishing Life with love.

For caring for what matters the most to the Universe

For every way I've been taught some truths.

For the space i've wandered around during Life

For the magic that coats everything my eyes wander about.

For the early riser birds chanting, whistling, troublemaking in the morning.

For deep blue mountains just before the sun blows in.

For the sea...


For the life I have.

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