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My dear intelligence

I spent my life believing that intelligence was everything, the best, the only thing worth it to emulate. I learned later that it comes invariably with madness .

I have always pursued intelligence as the major asset one should catch absolutely and hide jealously in his or her bag. When the moments came when my being was bowing to madness (in the form of depression or exaggerated exaltation), I had no choice but to let myself go. And I lost emotional control and the cherished intelligence so sought after. Then I learned that the problem was at the level of intelligence itself. All the abuses I have seen committing around me in recent years were justified by their authors as the ultimate proof of their intellectual superiority. In doing so, some lose all moral esteem in the eyes of the public for whom they floated the banner of their incomparable gift. What remained after their exploit? To renew it perhaps under other skies, for other audiences? The most pitiful, however, being those who, so obsessed with the insanity of their intelligence, refuse others access to this precious "quality". They even forget that the attribution, the distribution of moral or intellectual defects to their fellows is hardly under their control. That it is pure madness or imbecility to deny that our similars are as much as us endowed with a good dose of light, expressed differently perhaps, but being possibly beyond our understanding. I have often seen people justify their infamous narcissism by their self-proclaimed intelligence. This glorification of the ego to the detriment of the most common cause is the greatest evil of the human race. Intuition: this is the best ally of beings of all kinds for their survival on this planet. Because the planet will survive them according to its destiny. All is vanity in fact ... Everything is what it is: a ray of life! Only presence, harmonious listening, self-abandonment, trust in the coherence of the elements (water, earth, fire, air) and the energy emanating from them make sense. Frequencies and wavelengths exist in nature for something. They are in fact the basic laws of the world governing directly all existence, yours and mine.

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