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Watch doesn't Match

Mis à jour : 26 déc. 2019

For as long as I can remember, I never could bear wearing watches over a long period of time. In fact, for a usually punctual agent, I kept showing up late to appointments exactly around the time I used to have one on. It always feels like a chain tying me up tight as a slave to time.

Anything time-related always appeared overrated. Just like those pillars societies came up with in order to keep the popular mass under control. Or these sets of rules that apply to all individuals regardless of the fundamental differences between them.

As a jewel, a watch exerts a fascinating attraction on me. It lets me guess the kind of psychological personality of its owner. From time to time, You encounter such admirable pieces though...

Until lately as I learned the two variations around the concept of time itself...

Time, seen through the lens of its variations (the Past / the Future), can be considered the ultimate tool to exert social pressure over individuals in societies on a global scale. It's the baseline for the (egoic) mind to bloom. It reflects the old willing for human beings to keep their fellows on-check, locked-up within the flock.

Time is also the ultimate illusion one could revolve his/her life around. Once you put some space-screen-distance between yourself and Time as its variables, life starts to unfold in a positive way. The pressure (social/personal) simply drops .

Ultimately, Time-Age is just a number, a social consensus that serves as a compass for life within communities... As so, time should be referred to simply as clock time and only to its practical purpose.

Yes, I wear a watch for the mere purpose of it being an interesting peace of jewel....

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